What is Setu ?

Nkonnect-Setu Mobile Operated Pump Controller System enables you to remotely monitor of your tanks and automatically control the pumps.

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Now no one has to go to field to operate water pump. Pump will talk to you in Gujarati language via IVRs.

Setu is the product in the series of Mobile Operated Pump Controller. Nkonnect Setu Mobile Operated Pump Controller is designed to assist farmer to handle their water pump remotely with help of mobile device. Setu is compatible with any type of water pump & submersibles and also supports 1-phase and 3-phase electricity supply. Setu eliminates the problem of irregular power supply and hard environment to access the pump at location that is normally faced by every farmer. Setu Mobile Operated Pump Controller shows you electricity available at filed or not with help of call or sms. Setu device save the time of farmer as farmer can directly operate his pump with help of mobile anywhere he can no need to go to farm or field to start/stop water pump, even he can use automatic mode or timer mode to operate his pump.


setu-mobile pump controller-Manage Pump via Mobile

Manage Pump via Mobile

No need to go at field to start water pump or submersibles you can manage it via remotely mobile.

setu-mobile pump controller-Protection Againts Dry Run

Protection Againts Dry Run

Protection against dry-run it will automatically stop water pump in case of no water in water tank.

setu-mobile pump controller-Language Friendly IVRs

Language Friendly IVRS.

Setu content in-built language friendly IVRS especially for Gujarati Farmers.

setu-mobile pump controller-Automatic Mode_Timer Mode

Automatic Mode & Timer Mode

To operate pump automatic mode and timer mode facility is given.

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For Setu Demo in Gujarati Dial +91 73830 46000 anytime

For Setu Demo in Hindi Dial +91 84601 27000 anytime

For Setu Demo in English Dial +91 91731 49211 anytime